Phase 1: Release

Estimated time to release: Mar 2022

1. Genesis Batch (333 NFTs)

We will release our first batch of NFT Callicrypto with 333 names. Each name is chosen from the list of most popular name in the world.

We will create a Fair launch on our website. Only whitelisted member will have the right to claim the Genesis Batch.

The price for each NFT in Genesis Batch is : 0.1 ETH

Owner of Callicrypto NFTs can stake their NFT to earn $CALLI Token

2. First Voting Period (1 week)

The first 333 members who own the Genesis Batch can have the right to vote in our Voting system. Voting right represent by the amount of $CALLI they own.

The voting period will decide which names will be include on the Second Batch.

3. Second Batch

With the result of the First Voting Period, we will release the Second Batch of name on our website. The Second Batch also have 333 names. The price for the Second Batch will stay the same: 0.1 ETH/name

Only whitelisted member will have the right to claim the Second Batch.

4. Second Voting Period (1 week)

After the Second Batch sale ends, we will have another voting period. All holders of $CALLI token will have the right to vote, which names will be included in the Third Batch.


?. Final Batch

We will release our final batch after the total NFTs of the project reach to the number 3333. After that, we will not release any new Callicrypto and switch to phase 2.

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